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Become a member of Gingko Homeland Well known to all that China is the "home of gingko", but do you know that the "home of gingko" in China is in Tai Xing. Health Gingko Tea Factory of Tai Xing locates in this beautiful gingko land where millions of gingko trees flourish in the sand deposited downstream by the Yangtze River. Gingko leaves have been found to lower serum cholesterol and aid blood circulation. The leaves supply antidotes for poison and fungal infections, s well s treatment for asthma, nervous disorders and heart diseases. Gingko Tea Compositae is one of our gingko tea series product. It not only protects your heart, brain and blood vessels but also regulate your blood fat and blood pressure. With its delicate fragrance, sweet and long-lasting aftertaste, the excellent medical gingko tea is particularly a favorite of Chinese tea drinking tradition.  Gingko seeds or gingko nuts have proved by TCM as the best nutrition material endowed by the nature.Go to New products section on this page for more>>> Registration No. with Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau£º3212832811222£»Hygene Certificate No.£ºTai Xing City, Jiangsu Province Food£¨02£©NO.0069£»Factory Identity Code with Commodity Numbering Center of China£º69307377£»Brand name"Tai Xing" Declaration 2003(the 9th issue)(Category 30)No.3157306£»Organization and Institution Code Certificate£ºNO.2001. 0989338 Code No. 73783929¡ªX£»Price Bureau of Tai Xing City, Jiangsu Province No.£¨2003£©24£»Product Symbol "Pass" Confirmation Certificate£ºLabel Affirmation of Tai Xing City, Jiangsu Province No.£¨2002£©£¨031£©£¨STB031-2002£©¡£

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  • Tai Xing Gingko Health Tea Factory
  • 111-202, 555 Rd. Guzong, Pudong, Shanghai
  • 201306
  • 86-21-61185701
  • 86-21-61185701
  • Simon Chen (G. Manager)
  • 86 21 61185701

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